Main objectives

The main goals of SZVK are the association of aggregate manufacturers, protection of their rights and legitimate interests, presentation of common positions on professional problems, presentation of interests of SZVK members in Slovakia and abroad. The association tries to be a partner for other domestic and foreign organizations with a similar object of activity.

About SZVK

Other important goals of the association are assistance in the creation of national legislative requirements and their transfer into practice, as well as participation in the creation of relevant legislation.

SZVK supports education, research and development of new technologies in the field of production and processing of aggregates, solves ecological problems arising during the production of aggregates and related problems of health and safety protection at work.

Association bodies

The bodies of the association are: member meeting, association board, association chairman, executive secretary, supervisory board

Membership meeting

It is the highest body of the association. Its responsibilities include, in particular, approving the articles of association, electing and recalling members of the board, supervisory board and executive secretary, approving the amount of membership and registration fees, approving all basic documents of the association, deciding on the dissolution of the association and deciding on other matters entrusted by law to its purview .

Association Council

It is the body that manages the association between member meetings. A natural person who is a statutory body or an employee of a regular member of the association can be elected as a member. The council meets at least three times a year, and the meeting is convened and chaired by the president of the association. The members of the council elect and dismiss the vice-chairman for financing and the professional vice-chairman, and also decide on the admission of new members and approve the withdrawal of members from the association.

Current members of the SZVK board:

• Jozef Ruska – chairman
• Ing. Peter Valent – Vice President for Finance
• Ing. Marek Szűcs – expert vice-president

•  Miloš Vinš
•  Ing. Eduard Hudy
•  Ing. Miloš Rusnák

•  Ing. Martin Šárocký
•  JUDr. Michal Sekereš
•  Ing. Marián Pastucha

Chairman of the association

He is a person who is elected by the board of the association for a period of three years. It is authorized to act on behalf of the association in all matters related to the association. The chairman of the association can be any person who is a statutory member or in a working relationship with a regular member of the SZVK.

Current chairman of SZVK: Jozef Ruska

Executive Secretary

He is the person who manages the agenda of the association. It ensures communication between members of the association and also the association’s contact with other domestic and foreign organizations. He is elected by the board of the association for a period of three years.

Current executive secretary of SZVK: Ing. Eduard Stoličný PhD.

Board of Supervisors

It is a body that supervises the performance of the powers of the association board and the association president, as well as the performance of the association’s activities. It has at least three members who are elected by the membership meeting for a period of 3 years. The Supervisory Board meets at least once a year, and the meeting is convened and chaired by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Members of the supervisory board are entitled to inspect all records and documents related to the association’s activities.

Current members of the Supervisory Board of SZVK:

• Ing. Jozef Pavlík – chairman
• Ing. Ľudovít Kováč – member
• Ing. Matúš Hlaváčik – member

Statutes of the association

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Coat of arms of SZVK

Flag of SZVK

SZVK flag

Commemorative coin for the 10th anniversary of the founding of SZVK

Award on the ribbon for the 15th anniversary of the foundation of SZVK

History of SZVK

In connection with the development in the field of stone industry in Slovakia after 1989, (when there was a significant slowdown in production) a situation arose that required the establishment of the Slovak Association of Aggregate Manufacturers (SZVK). The idea of establishing such an association came from representatives of Road Construction in Košice.

SZVK was established as an independent, professional, voluntary, non-profit association of entities operating in the field of mining and processing of natural aggregate, mining and production of crushed aggregate and its subsequent use, in the field of stone production and mining of decorative stone blocks.

The founding members’ meeting of SZVK was held on 21 April 1998 in Košice.

Founding members of SZVK:

Road construction, a. s., Košice

East Slovak quarries and gravel sands, š. Mr. in liquidation, Spišská Nová Ves

ŠTRKKOM, spol. s.r.o., Komárno

Cestné stavby, spol. with r. o., Liptovský Mikuláš

Quarries and gravel pits, a. s., Zlaté Moravce

The founding agreement on the establishment of an interest association of legal persons was concluded on 27 April 1998. SZVK as an interest association of legal persons was registered at the Regional Office in Košice on 29 September 1998.

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